Freedom Wiki

You must've clicked this by accident, You're a stalker or someone who knows this wiki told you about it... and by all means YOU'RE MORE THAN WELCOME! :)

As you can see from the address of this site it has the words freedom to do almost anything

So..... we still have Rules Here


(Only the Founder/PyGmAlion V03 Platinum can edit this. Thank You )

  1. No Creating Blogs/Pages that are harmful to others
  2. You are not allowed to upload any images containing any vulgarity
  3. If you have a username containing bad words please leave the wiki or change your username
  4. Keep the wiki clean, if you post anything that is harmful it is advised for you to leave
  5. When creating Pages/Blog posts Do not cuss, Do not spam, do not give off forbidden links

CHAT Rules and regulations

(You are not allowed to edit this without the permission of AdventGOD321 )

  1. Spamming is strictly prohibited
  2. Links given to horrible websites are forbidden
  3. MInimize cussing
  4. No conflicts or threathening of other users especially to the founder and admins of this wiki
  5. Don't type things that don't make any sense
  6. No harrasing others especially if it's sexual harrasment


  1. You can ask exceptions from the Admins
  2. You can report us if any conflicts occur
  3. If the administrators or bureucrats can't handle the situation, use this link ------> Special:Contact (Community central)
  4. We have enough manpower to make this a safe wiki. So feel free to report us if something goes wrong

If You want A day or so, that make all of these rules Null and Void ask Admins/AdventGOD321

This wiki allows most things that is usually not allowed in some strict wikis. But the basic principles used in this wiki are the same.So cmo'n and be like that dog over there!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->


PyGmAlion POWERappend (talk) 09:49, August 12, 2012 (UTC)

AdventGOD321 (talk) 01:41, September 8, 2012 (UTC)

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